How to apply the Well Rounded palette to your home

Strike the perfect balance between work and play with a simple colour palette primed for multi-purpose spaces.

Work-life balance starts at home and, as our personal spaces gradually blur into workspaces, flexible design is fast becoming a modern essential. Creating a space that allows for rest, recreation and productivity might sound challenging, but the secret to success lies in simplicity. This is the purpose behind our Well Rounded colour palette. Its simple planes of balanced colour ensure calming, open and androgynous spaces that epitomise easy living.

Well Rounded Color Pallete

Making your home Well Rounded

If sleek Scandinavian-inspired lines and clean, minimalist interiors appeal to you, the Well Rounded colour palette might just be your perfect match. This palette features two key tones that can be artfully layered to form the basis of your home’s look. Start with the smooth subtlety of Cave and its slightly darker partner Sooty Owl, using them as your primary base colours to transform your home into a stylish haven. Try searching for places where you can use the two hues together. By combining these light-tone, warm and cool neutrals, you’ll introduce a sense of both longevity and serenity to your space.

Next, bring your aesthetic to a whole new level by using the darker-toned Phantom grey to bring definition and subtle highlights to architectural features. Whether it’s a feature wall, built-in fireplace flue or your front door, working in this slightly deeper, moodier shade will help to lift your whole look. Remember to keep things super simple – a little of this additional colour really will go a long way. The same can be said for our creamy Vitesse. Try working in this colour with light-toned flooring, and use neutral, textural rugs to help anchor your space. Well Rounded is a beautifully monochromatic palette, allowing for the addition of various textures. But don’t get too carried away – simplicity is at the core of this look.

Keep your scheme clean and uncluttered by finding furniture that echoes the primary palette, with only subtle variations of tone and texture. Minimalist, mid-century-inspired furniture made with beautiful blonde timbers will help enhance your look. Keep in mind that the shape of your chosen furnishings will also have an impact. Select linear, multi-purpose pieces with contrasting tactile elements – such as angular statement lighting with subtle metallic detailing or neutral cushions with hand-stitched geometric patterns – to emphasise your home’s sense of serenity and balance. The finished result should see the creation of a multi-purpose space suitable for eating, resting and relaxing. By using the Well Rounded palette’s simple swathes of cool and warm neutral tones, you’ll be able to blur the line between form and function – with stunning results.

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