How to get the High Expectations palette right in your home

Harness the power of ‘Insta-worthy’ design with a colour palette that pays homage to the best of Australian interiors.

Australian’s love to dine out – and we particularly enjoy eating in beautiful surroundings. When you’re spoilt with the wealth of exceptional design in our restaurants and cafes, you can’t help but want to bring it home. This is where the High Expectations palette comes into its own. It’s a nod to the fresh, gourmet colours that light up our living spaces.

High Expectations Color Pallete

Bringing life to High Expectations in your home

If you’ve been drawn in by the refined tones of the High Expectations colour palette, you’ll want to ensure you’re colour mixing for best success. Start by selecting an anchor tone as your primary colour, with smaller amounts of your selected supporting accent colours. Keep in mind that you’re looking to re-create that unmistakable attention to detail that is characteristic of fine dining culture. This means that the finer elements will be of great importance as the finishing touch – so draw the eye with carefully placed pops of your highlight colour.

The first step is to decide between the mature Millennial pink Tombola or ink blue Limousine as your anchor tone. To truly master the High Expectations palette, be sure to consider the ratio of colours in your palette. If you decide to be bold and use a deep shade as your broadwall colour, ensure you weave in proportional amounts of your other colour choices to achieve the right amount of energy. Accent colours will draw attention so consider using them to highlight architectural features and introducing them in soft furnishings.

Peppering your spaces with the warm spice tone of Harissa lets you turn up the volume where necessary, while the cooling aura of Kitty Grey can be used to soften the look as a whole. Just like the dining spaces and delicious dishes that inspire us, it’s the subtle hints of colour – via a pepper pot, a napkin or a shapely bowl in these accent tones – that offer those luxe layers which culminate in a highly considered aesthetic. Rearrange and play with colour ratios until you settle on a scheme that is a fine reflection of the spaces you know and love.

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