How to master the Green Scene palette in your home

Turn your home into a restful oasis with a colour palette that showcases organic textures and calm, nature-inspired hues.

From drinking green smoothies to attending meditation classes, there’s no doubt that healthy living is a trend that’s here to stay. And, as air-purifying plants and sustainably sourced furniture become fixtures in our homes, it’s only natural to take further inspiration from our favourite green spaces. Enter Green Scene: a colour palette that draws on the tones and textures of the great outdoors to create harmony in the home.

Green Scene Colour Pallete

Bringing the Green Scene palette to life

If Green Scene is the perfect palette for you, it’s important to consider your preferred balance of colour, and how it will work with your existing furniture and soft furnishes. Start by thinking about where each hue will look best in your home and, before you begin to brush in earnest, it pays to paint large test swatches. This will allow you to see how your chosen tones will appear in different rooms and at various times of day. Both Cloud and Rhino work beautifully by themselves, but you’ll find these two hues really shine when used in tandem. For best results, look at switching colours where walls intersect or overlap to help give your certain rooms or areas a fresh perspective.

The best thing about this palette is that the mid-tone, natural hues work easily together, resulting in a casual, fresh feel. Muted colour schemes, like Green Scene, add a subtle depth and sophistication to a space, which can be further enhanced with the application of warm complementary tones. Add extra dimension to the palette with the addition of the complementary tones of light clay and terracotta hues of Nougat and Peahen.

To bring your interiors to the next level, layer in a wide range of beautiful organic textures. Luxe copper and brass metallics, raw, unfinished stone, blonde timbers and woven jute or linen will add an additional element of comfort and style. Use simple, streamlined table and floor lamps to introduce different levels of lighting throughout your home. A collection of leafy green plants is essential to really connect your interiors with the natural environment. Include a wide variety of plants, such as succulents, fiddle-leaf figs, monstera plants, Boston ferns, giant bird of paradise plants and peace lilies. Once you’ve finished layering in all of your preferred tonal, textural and decorative elements, you’ll witness how seamlessly the Green Scene palette integrates with the natural environment. Subtly update your soft furnishings each season to keep things fresh, and your design-conscious, nature-inspired haven will truly feel like a slice of your own secluded outdoor paradise.

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