4 tips for making this season’s colours work for you

Top tips for bringing life to your home with the colour trends of the moment.

Paint has the ability to totally transform a space. Whether you’re demanding definition from your interiors by way of a dramatic dark-toned palette or illuminating your spaces with a cast of cool hues, the limit is only your imagination. Here are tips for using colour to breathe new life into your interiors.

Well Rounded

1. Create depth with a mix of neutrals

Intermingling light-tone, warm and cool neutrals brings a sense of both serenity and longevity. By harnessing the tactility of a range of soft hues, you’re able to strike a balance between the overarching plains of colour and the finer details that anchor your space. Turning to the tones at the lighter end of the spectrum allows you to create an interior aligned to the look of the moment that ages gracefully thanks to a timeless appeal. This palette is made for those hoping to blur the lines of downtime, dreamtime and worktime.

Green Scene

2. Bring the outdoors in

Nature-inspired hues, dominated by soft greens, nurture a calm and healthy space. The trend towards wellness has gone far beyond the self and now permeates our homes. From the considered pieces of furniture that represent sustainable design to the colours that evoke the freshness of a green smoothie, looking to a more eco-friendly future is a trend worth living. Looking to nature, in both tone and texture, creates a sanctuary primed for relaxation.

Sensory Darks

3. Engage all your senses using dark tones, rich furnishings and hints of metallic

Colour empowers touch: rich colours are essential to complement tactile surfaces for a multi-sensory approach to design. And what better way to encourage that sense of tactility than with the addition of texture through soft furnishings. Once you’ve captured the drama of the darker palette, enrich the textural palette with bolts of brightness. Bottomless blues and greens are brought to life with glimmers of metallic and mustard. Considering your palette beyond colours, and adding a range of materials, really elevates a space.

High Expectations

4. Find your own version of ‘Instaworthy’ design

When you step inside an exceptionally designed restaurant, you immediately notice how all the details come together. The meticulous approach to every napkin, tile or teaspoon is a sight to behold and one that can be drawn into your own home. Consider your palette reflected in every part of a room, just as you see in the elegant restaurants that sweep design awards across Australia. You’ll see how the visual, tactile beauty of our dining experiences has the power to transcend into our own interiors, resulting a highly considered aesthetic with fresh, gourmet colours. Bon appetite.